Writer and film critic Abdullah Habib is imprisoned for six months

The Omani authorities imprison a prominent intellectual, writer and film critic Abdallah Habib for six months after he was sentenced on the 2nd April 2018 to 3 years imprisonment, with six months actual jail time.

Back in 2016, Abdallah Habib, who is a prolific writer and who is outspoken on Human Rights issues, was arrested and held in isolation on three occasions and for a total period of 60 days. His arrest then followed a Face Book post he had written. In his diligent post, Abdullah appealed to the Omani authorities to reveal the burial sites of many Omani political activists who were executed in Oman during the years of 1972-73. Later, he was charged with blasphemy and incitement and he was sentenced to three years of imprisonment and a monetary fine.

Abdallah appealed the sentence. Today, on 2nd April 2018, the Appeal Court of Muscat upheld the sentence of three years imprisonment, six months of which in actual imprisonment.