Statement of denouncement by The Omani Association for HR against all forms of normalization with the Zionist entity

The Omani Association for Human Rights asserts its belief in the Palestinian people’s rights; including their right to regain their occupied territories, and their right of return. Hence, the Omani Association for Human Rights strongly condemns and denounces the recent proceeding conducted by the Omani government, particularly the ill-fated reception of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by Sultan Qaboos bin Said in Muscat last October 2018, and more recently the surreptitious visit by Omani Minister In-Charge of Foreign Affairs Yusuf Bin Alawi Bin Abdullah to the Israeli Prime Minister in Warsaw on the 13th February 2019.

And due to the lack of the Omani popular support, nor the social satisfaction towards the Omani governmental proceedings, it becomes vital to remark that the Omani people, who have constantly stood by and advocated for the Palestinian people’s rights; including their right to regain their occupied territories, and their right of return, have never delegated the Omani government to such normalization attempts with the Israeli occupation; the leaders of which have stained their hands with the blood of innocent Palestinian humans.

It is with great misfortune that the Omani security services have gone further by arresting and detaining Omani bloggers for voicing their disagreement via social networks; this has come as part of a constant effort by the Omani government to silence its people; particularly for their overt rejection of all forms of normalization with the occupation.

The Omani Association for Human Rights had previously condemned these arrests which targeted Omani bloggers following their refusal of spreading the red carpet on top of the skulls, bodies and sufferings of the Palestinian people whom are imprisoned, detained, and colonized by ongoing illegal settlements. The Palestinian cause is not exclusive to the Arabs, Muslims or Christians. It is human cause; unsuited for compromise or concession. It has since its inception been a cause of the global conscience; a conscience that is free, woke, and concerned by lifting injustice. It is therefore a shame and a disgrace – especially for Arab governments – to abandon their responsibility, and trot towards the normalization of oppression against their Palestinian siblings.

The longed and profound resistance of the Palestinian people has confidently proved that peace and stability cannot be achieved under the flagrant violations of the Israeli occupation. Justice is a matter that shall not be placed in the hands of murderers such as Benjamin Netanyahu. The attempts to ridicule the Arab peoples and the Palestinian people – by claiming that normalizing oppression is a step forward towards peace – is not only ridiculous and unconvincing, but is also desperately cowardly. It is logically and wholeheartedly refused by the conscience of the Arab peoples and by all the hearts and minds of those who are ever-remaining sympathetic and supportive of a free decolonized Arab Palestine.